Welcome to Hitec Electrical & Instrumentation

HEI provide specialist Electrical, Instrumentation and Hazardous Area services with the importance of closely managing safety, quality and cost in our approach.

Mission Statement

Our reputation in the marketplace is founded on delivery.

We provide our clients with a first class service with a team of highly motivated professionals with a commitment that guarantees a service of the highest quality.
Our business philosophy is paramount to what we stand for, we provide clients with real services that are applicable to their particular needs and requirements.
Our vision is to be the client’s first choice to deliver better value business through our operating principles.

These are as follows:

  • Hitec service is professional and personalised at all times.
  • Hitec goes beyond the call of duty.
  • Hitec is and will be an extension of our clients team.
  • Hitec is proactive and identifies issues before they arise.
  • Hitec adapts to client values and styles.


Hitec & Electrical Instrumentation Services

We are committed to providing a vast range of services irrelevant of location. Operating effectively Onshore, Offshore and Overseas.